General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is coverage that can safeguard you and your cannabis business from a variety of claims which include bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and others that can arise from your day to day business operations.

Often time’s business owners combine general liability insurance with property insurance in what is referred to as a BOP or business owner’s policy. As a contractor or business owner it is imperative that you have some form of liability insurance in order to safeguard your livelihood.

Individuals in the cannabis business already face a litany of hurdles even when operating under all of the necessary guidelines and regulations. A single accident or mishap could result in a lawsuit that you and your business may not be able to handle. Often times other employers even require their employees to carry general liability insurance before they'll allow them to work for them.

Contractors may need only general liability insurance because most of the time it isn't necessary for them to own their own commercial buildings in order to conduct business. General liability insurance will help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances that come up when conducting business. This kind of insurance will help cannabis business owners rest easy if they run into complications.

Business owners who are appropriately insured will be able to make sure their property is secure and their employees are compensated..

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